A French beauty journalist for the magazine Femina, Cynthia Lahoma, used our Skin & Microbiome Supplements and our Face Vinegar for 30 days. She called it a “miraculous cure”. (read the article in French HERE)

She asked our founder Marie Drago a few questions about the inside-out action of the probiotics of our Supplements.
For example, as the probiotics act in the internal parts of the body, how come we can see results on our skin?
Well, it’s because of what is called the gut-skin axis. Probiotics and the gut microbiome produce inflammatory or anti-inflammatory compounds that will pass into the bloodstream and act on the skin.

And here is what the journalist said about our Supplement:
“In thirty days – top time – the pimples were eradicated while I had been treating this acne for months. When I look at the before/after pictures, I can without hesitation describe the results offered by Gallinée’s Skin & Microbiome Supplement as miraculous.”
You can see the results in the picture above.

Our Skin & Microbiome Supplements were tested on sensitive skin and reduce sensitivity and inflammation of the skin. Thanks to its purifying and astringent properties, our Face Vinegar is what works best for imperfections and problem skins.

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