The first ever European Microbiome Congress was 2 weeks ago, and it is so great to see how quickly the science progresses. You are going to see a lot of extrememly exciting concepts in the years to come. And you will have heard about it first here!

Here is a top 5 of the microbial future:

  • Trevor from Esse Skincare is creating powdered ocean microbes in his lab, to “rewild you skin”
  • Rainer Simmering from Henkel has been studying the smell of your clothes when they haven’t been washed for a long time. He calls it “Old Shirt Smell”. It is caused by an aminoacylase molecule, and the culprit is usually a C. straitum bacteria. He says that if you visit his lab you will always have to do a sniff test on bad smells. So tempting…
  • Cath O’Neill from SkinBioTherapeutics has been studying bacterial lysates (so a nutribulleted soup of bacteria) a lot. There are very interesting properties of these lysates for wound healing. Can you imagine putting bacteria in your wounds ? One day it might be absolutely normal.
  • BASF has been studying the impact of SLS on skin, and well… Probably don’t use SLS if you want a nice skin barrier and healthy microbiome.
  • Mark from Matrisys is the first one to talk about a subject I love: Can we find bacteria that would protect you from UV rays? It seems that yes! Maybe in a few years, chemical filters and mineral filters will be a thing of the past, and it will all be bacterial sun filters. Corals and Humans will be all the better for it

And if I could add a 6th point: Vetgenome people had a lot of pictures of cute dogs. Ultimate pub quizz fact: Did you know there is 8 different skin regions for dogs?