A few days ago, we reached the 10k followers on Instagram !

That’s an important step for us because :

– It means you’re more and more numerous to love our brand and our products

– AND it means we’re finally able to insert swipe-up links in our stories (those who know, know…)

10 things you may not know about Gallinée

It’s also an opportunity for us to reveal 10 (almost) dirty secrets…

1. Originally, the Foaming Cleanser was not supposed to foam… Now it’s one of our best-sellers

2. Marie never wanted to be an entrepreneur, she just wanted to be a witch

3. Our Cleansing bar was sold out in 2 hours when we launched it

4. There is only 1 man working for Gallinée, for 6 women… Lucky him!

5. Marie’s teddy bear is a stuffed bacteria called Marcus the Bactobacillus

6. Our hand cream sublimated the hands of Jennifer Lawrence

7. Our logo comes from the egg of the “gallinette”, a French chicken

8. We went all the way to Korea to source the fermented rice water present in our Haircare range

9. We grew our own scoby (and it’s a girl)

10. There 3 times more plants than people in our office… #plantlovers

And finally, a surprise for you!

To thank you for your support, we wanted to offer a special gift to the quickest of you: we offer a free Cleansing Bar to the first ten to use the code “10K” on our website!

No purchase needed, you’ll only have to pay the shipping (as the Post office doesn’t work for free – yet…).

Again, a huge thank you…

Sarah, Ségo, Diego, Camille, Vlada, Lucie, Marie