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“I’ve used Gallinée products on and off for a few years, always impressed by my favourite product The Face Vinegar. Using a whole routine of the products for 3 months has really helped me improve my skin – especially the forehead acne which I was finding difficult to control! Thanks again Gallinée!” -Alex 

gallinee before after youthful serum mature skin

"I have become obsessed with this product!! When I first started using it I could immediately feel a lifting effect.

My skin feels firmer and plumped, also my moisturiser seems to work better with this product underneath it. I have noticed my skin is hydrated, lifted, and feels so good. Many people have told me that I look “well”, and it is because of this fantastic serum." - Nikki

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After using the Face Oil, my skin feels rosy, very soft. It is a lovely product! Julie
gallinee before after foaming cleanser sensitive skin
My complexion is more even; there’s no redness around my nose and mouth to hide with concealer. Yesterday, my mother looked at me and said, “Your skin looks so bright and clear!” Stacey
gallinee before after face vinegar blemish acne skin

"Overall, I am very satisfied with the products tested*: I noticed that my skin texture was refined and that, during periods of acne, they helped reduce the inflammation of the skin." -Laura

*Products tested for 3 months: Face Vinegar, Face Oil, Foaming Facial Cleanser

The Cleansing Bar was one of, if not the best cleanser I have ever used-it left my skin very clean without a trace of dryness. Christian


“The Face Oil has plumped my skin a bit, and the Cleansing Bar does the job of a makeup remover, cleanser, and body wash. And beautifully. With so much redundancy and imitation in the skincare market, I am impressed and pleasantly surprised by Gallinee’s high-quality performance and integrity. You believed in your work enough to invest it in the lives of others so they too could see how effective it is. Perhaps this is common and I’ve simply not experienced it before, but I’m grateful.” – Stacey 

"I loved the Face Cream and its divine smell, the Youthful Serum and its texture. Oh, and the super soft Foaming Cleanser. My skin is really stronger and I have less redness or tightness. I feel my skin is more moisturized!" Jennifer