This summer stay hydrated thanks to our Body Milk and be part of the 100% of women who found their skin to be lastingly hydrated and soothed.

With a patented Triple Biotic Complex (pre, pro and postbiotics!), the Body Milk is nourishing and smoothing. Its light and creamy texture melts into the skin and thus is the perfect after sun! Besides being rich in probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics, it feeds your skin with a cocktail of firming bogbean and nourishing sweet almond oil to help support your skin’s microbiome in the most gentle and effective way possible.

Don’t forget to bring it in your suitcase for your holidays as it will become your best companion to take care of your skin after sun exposure, and to bring it back to life. Indeed, the sun absorbs water from your skin, making it dehydrated. That is why it is important to moisturise, and it is way more pleasant to do so with a light texture, as the one of our Body Milk.

Marie’s word, founder of Gallinée:

“Can a light milk be as nourishing as a body cream? Yes, it can! The feedback I get the most about this Body Milk is how hydrating it is, and how light. The magic of lactic acid combined with the soothing properties of probiotics. So, if you are looking for the cure for dry skin, give it a go!”

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