20 years ago, when I was learning pharmacy at university, my teachers were quite adamant: “What you eat doesn’t have any influence on your skin. Eat the “saucisson”, eat the chocolate, it’s all fine”.

And that’s something you’ll still hear a lot from some professional.

When I started to hear about the possible link between the microbes in your gut and the health of your skin, the first thing I did was wait. Wait for data, proof and mechanism of action….and we got it.

So yes, science changes, and now your can say it loud : your skin health can be influenced in good or in bad by your gut microbiome. It’s called the gut-skin axis and it’s pretty cool.

How does the gut-skin axis work?

Microbes in your gut are like little factories, they manufacture a lot of component. Some of these molecules can pass in the bloodstream and reach the skin, from the inside.

Sometimes it’s mean microbiome producing inflammatory components, making your skin inflamed, or prone to acne or eczema. It can even speed up the ageing process, which is not nice.

But also sometimes there’s good bacteria, producing good metabolites: acetic acid, butyric acid, and other little molecules that are very efficient at soothing irritation and rebalancing the skin from inside out. And that’s why Gallinée now has a range of probiotic supplements using the gut-skin axis to help you get back the skin you’re supposed to have. They are:


So to summarize: yes, what you eat can show on your skin, and you can use it to your advantage!

by Dr. Marie Drago, founder of Gallinée