This is not a soap, it's an award winning cleanser.

This is not a soap, it's an award winning cleanser.

Wonderful! I feel properly clean and my skin is completely soothed. Elizabeth
I love this! Best cleansing bar I have ever tried. Gracie
Wonderful for menopausal undercarriage! No more irritation and no more cystitis. Jo


We took our best-selling Cleansing Bar and made it even gentler, in a perfume-free and gynaecologist tested formula to take care of your face, your body as well as your most sensitive parts.

Formulated to feed your resident good bacteria, guarantee protection & balance, it’s also the perfect formula for your vulva, babies’ delicate skin or sensitive & atopy-prone skin.


Let's talk intimate hygiene! Because Lactobacilli create lactic acid, it makes the vagina a very acidic environment. If the pH changes, new bacteria will find the environment comfortable, start to breed and the ecosystem will break. So always check the products you use on your vulva are acidic!

This is why we developed our Perfume-Free Cleansing Bar with an acidic pH of 5.6.

Ultra-gentle, soap-free and perfume-free

Ultra-gentle, soap-free and perfume-free

Supports the vaginal microbiome

Supports the vaginal microbiome

Cleansing Bar

From 13.00

Award-winning no-soap cleanser

The Cleansing Bar is not a soap. This dermatological bar is non-stripping & ultra-gentle, formulated at ph 5.8 to respect your skin’s natural pH levels.
Cleansing and softening for Face & Body.

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Tested under dermatologist control on the face and body of volunteers with sensitive skin and also atopy-prone skin (people who are prone to eczema).

-100% said the product works well for intimate hygiene.
-100% said it was leaving the skin clean.
-95% said the formula was ultra-gentle and non-irritant.
-95% said it was softening and helping to fight bad smells long term.


Get your Free Cleansing Bar Pouch, when buying the set of 5 Cleansing Bars. Automatically added to checkout with the code “freebag”.

Discover the perfect solution made of natural organic cotton mesh to carry your Cleansing Bar wherever you go! You can hang it or use it as a soap holder to let it dry.

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When it comes to vaginal microbiome, lactic acid is the star of the whole ecosystem. See, your vagina is ruled by the queen Lactobacillus. This kind of bacteria reigns supreme and protects your little queendom from infections and irritations. She feeds from the glycogene secreted by your body and produces lactic acid as a result. Because lactic acid is… an acid, it creates a very acidic environment in your vagina, bringing it to a pH around 4. It means pathogenic bacteria that live in the external world cannot come and set foot.

This is why it’s so interesting to use lactic acid as a key ingredient in our Cleansing Bar: it’s your best ally to protect and support the vulva ecosystem.


Our Perfume-Free Cleansing Bar got a feature in The Guardian by the brilliant Sali Hughes, beauty expert extraordinaire.

She speaks about menopause, vulva, and how she is relieved to finally see beauty brands speak up about those subjects, without shame.

Here’s what she thought of our Cleansing Bar: “A gynaecologist-formulated solid bar that can be used all over, without the suds tampering with your delicate pH below stairs.”

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Frequent questions answered by our founder and Doctor of Pharmacy.

Marie Drago

Marie Drago

Why a bar without soap?

Soap is really drying for your skin: it dissolves oil and sebum. But your skin needs sebum – it protects the microbiome and keeps the skin soft and supple. If you strip all the oil off your skin, one of two things will happen:

  • your skin will get all dry and scaly, or
  • it will increase its sebum production, in order to compensate, and you’ll end up with extra-oily skin and/or breakouts.
  • Long term it can even lead to eczema, when the skin barrier gets too damaged

That’s why Gallinée decided to develop a Cleansing Bar without soap, very gentle for your skin and kind to the environment. On top of that, it’s plastic free!

Can I use this Cleansing Bar for my face and body?

Our Cleansing Bar is a soap without soap and a must-have at Gallinée. It’s very gentle and helps you to keep your skin pH balanced as the Cleansing Bar is at a 5.8 pH. It only has 0.3% of perfume.

It’s a convenient product as it can be used both on the body skin and the face! It also has been tested on most sensitive skins and skin prone to eczema with great success.

Why is there perfume in this Cleansing Bar?

We included a low level of perfume in our products so that using them is a pleasure range and because probiotics sometimes smell a bit like… yogurt! But we chose a mostly synthetic perfume in order to lessen the risks of a reaction as certain perfumes can make the most sensitive skins react. Essential oils in particular are quite allergenic, more than synthetic perfumes. Our products with perfume have a really low amount of it, 0.3% for example for our Cleansing Bar. And you will not find any fragrance in products intended to remain on the face without being rinsed off.
Our Cleansing bar is still extremely gentle and can be used on very sensitive skin. We even made a perfume-free version!

Is the Cleansing Bar free from phthalates?

Yes, our Cleansing Bar is free from phthalates. You can check all the ingredients present in the Cleansing Bar (including the fragrance) on the packaging and on our website in the product description. All potential allergens are also registered in the INCI list.

Is it suitable for rosacea-prone skin?

Unfortunately, we have not tested our products specifically for rosacea so we always recommend checking with your GP first. This soft cleanser has been tested on most sensitive skins and atopy-prone skins with great success.

Can I use the Cleansing Bar on babies/children?

The Cleansing Bar in the Perfume Free version can indeed be used for babies and children, as it is so gentle.

What is the shelf life of unopened cleansing bars ?

There is no shelf life for the CB

The stearic acid in your cleansing bar is derived from palm oil?

The stearic acid in our Cleansing Bar is indeed derived partly from palm oil, but we are working on making it sustainably sourced from early next year.

Can I wash my hands with the Cleansing Bar?

Totally! A lot of our customers have our Cleansing Bar everywhere in their house to wash their hands, their face and their whole family.

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