And what does that mean for your skin?

Thank you, that’s such a good question. Yes it does, and we can help!

Your microbiome is with you from your first minute into the world. You inherit it from your mother and then you start to make it your own. Your gut and your skin get new cool bacteria by eating, breathing, touching people and things, and exploring the world in general.

It starts to be a bit more stable when you reach 3.

After some time, your microbiome starts to be a bit… older. Your bacteria change and your body does, and it has consequences

  • Your hormones are not the same, and that influences your gut and your skin microbiome. It makes you more prone to sensitivity, irritations and inflammation.
  • You have less sebum, so some bacteria on your face disappear, including everyone favourite antihero: C. acnes, the acne bacteria
  • It leaves room for new bacteria that live better in dry conditions, and are not as good as their younger equivalents at protecting your skin. Skin becomes drier, more sensitive and starts to age. Also sometimes, they smell a bit weird.

The ageing microbiome is still a very new science, both in the gut and on the skin but one where research could help a lot with quality of life. Maybe we could bring back the “young” bacteria, or maybe we can find some new bacteria to stimulate skin renewal? 

Our Youth range is based on this new science. On one side you have our Youthful Serum, a concentrated pre, pro and postbiotic serum that helps giving you more glow, more hydration and that contains some probiotic extracts known for helping with collagen production.

And for the inside we have our Youth & Microbiome supplement, packaged with a potent probiotic proven to hydrate and plump the skin from the inside out. 

A great duo for taking care our our faithful microbiome, that has been with us all these years protecting us, and that sometimes needs a bit of support for the years to come.