In every Gallinée product, you will find a LOT of prebiotics. What are they?

Prebiotic is the name for fibres that feed selectively your good bacteria. We humans cannot use them, but your little arsenal of friendly bacteria can and will. Bad bacteria can’t use them neither, so it is a great way to ensure the health and growth of only the good bacteria.

What are these magic fibres?

Well, first let me indulge in a tiny biochemistry fun fact: Fibres are usually a very long chain of sugars. Cellulose for example is just loads and loads of little glucose molecules holding each other hands.

So prebiotics are either sugars or fibres, depending on how long the chain is and which way you prefer to picture them.

My favorite facts on the effects of prebiotics are:

  • How they can make you lose weight. Make these bacteria work for you!
  • They are occurring in high concentration in quite (I find) random vegetables: chicory root,
    jerusalem artichokes, garlic. You also find them at lower concentrations in normal artichoke, banana, leeks, onions and wheat.
  • The most common one is called Inulin. It is used sometimes in the food industry to make products creamier. Look for it in the ingredient list, this is a perfect excuse to have ice cream!
  • Some studies show how they can have a positive effect on acne and psoriasis.

Because of their effect on your gut good bacteria, they have been shown to help with the symptoms of IBS. And that’s why I have been trying to source and cook two weird plants: Jerusalem Artichokes and Yacon.

One thing to remember? PRObiotics=good bacteria PREbiotics=food specifically for the good bacteria.

Well done you, you read an entire article about fibers. You definitely deserve this ice cream now!