Get your summer glow with our cult favourite face toner

Get your summer glow with our cult favourite face toner

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This toner has contributed to clearing my acne and improving my skin tone. I'm so impressed by this product! Leigh
Every single time I use it, it gives me an instant glow and my skin feels calm and smooth. Cipriana
This product is great! Makes my skin look and feel really clean, fresh and glowy. Elaine
Face toner for sensitive skin

The skin benefits

For the face
✓ Reduces redness in sensitive skin
✓ Gives a glowy complexion
Purifies and exfoliates oily skin

For the body
Reduces visible textural irregularities
✓ Gives a light exfoliation and brightness
✓ Helps reduce Keratosis Pilaris (the little bumps on arms and legs)

Face toner with hibiscus vinegar

Face Vinegar in Spray: a prebiotic mist & web exclusivity!

An easy application at home or on-the-go : a few sprays, and your skin is reset! It is the perfect easy gesture to soothe and tone the skin anywhere and at any time of the day.

An eco-friendly gesture: no need for cotton pads with the spray applicator. Just close your eyes and mouth and spray directly onto your face and neck.

Face toner for sensitive skin

The results on your skin, clinically proven.

Following a clinical study carried under dermatological control,

95% agree the product cleans the skin smoothly

91% agree the skin complexion is fresh

86% agree the product does not dry the skin

82% agree the product helps to regulate sebum secretion

Soothes and reduces redness in sensitive skins

Soothes and reduces redness in sensitive skins

Purifies and exfoliates oily skin

Purifies and exfoliates oily skin

Face Vinegar

From £7.00

 | 200mL in Spray – 200mL – 50mL

Our cult favourite face toner for an instant glow

Loved by thousands for its multitasking properties, this patented toner brightens, smooths, hydrates and refines the look of pores – all without stripping skin.
Packed with prebiotics to boost the skin’s barrier, our apple cider Face Vinegar is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

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Frequent questions answered by our founder and Doctor of Pharmacy.

Marie Drago

Marie Drago

Is your Face Vinegar considered as an acid?

Our Face vinegar fits in the family of acid toners, as we are mixing two gentle acids: Lactic Acid and Acetic Acid (the scientific name of vinegar). Like all Gallinée products, it’s the perfect level of acidity for your skin and your microbiome.

Can I mix it with another product?

Our face vinegar can be integrated in any skincare routine, usually as a toner.

Is apple cider vinegar good for acne?

When incorporated regularly into your skincare routine, Apple Cider Vinegar will help prevent the build-up of blemishes, imperfections and yes… acne.

Is your Face vinegar recommended for sensitive skin?

Don’t be scared by the name! Our Face Vinegar has been submitted to strict clinical tests and is suitable for sensitive skin. It will soothe stressed skin and help with redness.

Does your face vinegar kill bacteria on skin?

The clever thing about incorporating Apple Cider Vinegar into your skincare routine is that it can be remarkably selective with which bacteria it will kill and the ones it has to keep.

Does vinegar help shrink dilated pores?

Apple cider vinegar, when used regularly as part of a toner, can help to tighten and shrink the appearance of pores on your skin.

How often should I use the Gallinée Face Vinegar Toner?

The Face Vinegar can be used as a toner applying it on a cotton disk in the morning and/or at night before using your hydrating cream or oil. You can also splash it on your face every morning for an immediate good-looking effect.

How does the Face Vinegar smell?

Unsurprisingly, the Face Vinegar has a definite smell of vinegar, but not nearly as strong as you would get if you sniffed your standard kitchen vinegar.

“5 stars – A great product! Smells a tiny bit vinegary but only for about 5 seconds on application” – Holly (verified buyer)

toner for acne and sensitive skin

Before and After: hello clear skin!

A French beauty journalist for the magazine Femina, Cynthia Lahoma, used our Skin & Microbiome Supplements and our Face Vinegar for 30 days. She called it a “miraculous cure”.

A before/after that shows the true power of an inside/out routine, made to care for your microbiome.

toner for sensitive skin

Want to test it?

The Face Vinegar also exists in a travel size! Enjoy 50mL of our bestseller product and discover the benefits of a microbiome-friendly toner.

Pssst...for every order + £100/100€/110$ on gallinée.com!, get the 50mL Face Vinegar for free!

As seen in the Press

What's inside?

What's inside?

Hibiscus Apple Cider Vinegar: an ingredient known for its astringent, exfoliating and soothing properties.

Algae Prebiotics: An ingredient using extracts from green and brown algae, sea water and marine polysaccharides. Together they act against signs of stress on the skin.

Prebiotics: Ultra-gentle fibres and sugars that feed your skin’s good bacteria and help support the skin’s barrier, with an antibacterial action against bad ones.

Lactic Acid: Helps the skin to stay at its optimal pH level and has hydrating and softening properties. Gallinée uses a slow-release form to suit even sensitive skin.

Physiological pH: All Gallinée products are made to match the optimal pH of the skin and the microbiome. 

How to integrate in my skincare routine?

How to integrate in my skincare routine?

The Face Vinegar is the perfect hydride between cleanser and care. It bridges the gap between what you remove from the skin’s surface when you cleanse it and what you add to it afterwards.

Apply the product to clean, dry, makeup-free skin. Then continue your skin care routine by applying a treatment according to your needs (Youthful Serum, Prebiotic Face Oil). Finish with your Hydrating Face Cream.

How to use it? Apply the Face Vinegar with a cotton pad, or directly on the face with light tapping motions. Do you want to take it with you on the go? The spray version is for you.

30 extra seconds in your routine that will make all the difference!

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