What could possibly surpass the humble oat? Enter fermented oats!

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest addition to the Gallinée range: fermented oats in our revolutionary Calming Serum.

But why the excitement over this particular ingredient?

For centuries, colloidal oatmeal has been revered for its remarkable ability to soothe the skin. The mere thought of transforming your bath into a tepid porridge may seem daunting in terms of cleanup, but the benefits it offers, particularly for conditions like eczema, are undeniable.

So, what sets oats apart?

It’s their role as excellent prebiotics, fostering the growth of beneficial bacteria on your skin through their inherent sugar chains.
Now, let’s talk fermentation. This process elevates the power of oats to new heights. By breaking down their cell walls, fermentation unlocks a treasure trove of microbiome-healing compounds. We’re talking about ectoin, renowned for its protective properties against environmental stressors; essential B vitamins that promote skin health; amino acids crucial for maintaining skin elasticity and suppleness; and bioactive peptides, which play a pivotal role in supporting skin regeneration and repair.

The result?

Our Calming Serum boasts super soothing properties, thanks to the harmonious blend of fermented oats and other carefully selected ingredients. Not only does it pacify irritated skin, but it also works to rebalance your skin’s microbiome, promoting optimal health from within. The outcome? Skin that feels not only calmer but also deeply hydrated and radiant.

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