Today I would like to talk about the best back to school ever: the one where you’re too old to go to school. Let’s look at the Top 5 Gallinée Back to School Routine when you’re not in school:

  • A new backpack. You can put your whole life inside, it is better for your back from a shoulder bad and also you have two hands free. I use Stighlorgan, always and forever. These extremely classy and perfectly designed backpacks are the brainchildren of Yvonne & Christian, interpreting Irish heritage for London life. Disclaimer here: I liked the style of the designers so much that Yvonne created all the branding for Gallinée. My favourite at the moment is the Cillian, which I carry absolutely everywhere.
  • New stationery. I love buying stationery. If only I could find again my childhood scented Strawberry Shortcake stationery set. I am slightly snobbish about notebooks and spend way too much time in a small boutique on Columbia Road. I carry the A5 Bible Paper and write my whole life inside. I also have a slight obsession with Stone Paper, which is an innovative paper you can’t tear or wet. And for pen, at Gallinée we have an industrial use of Muji ink pen, every colour.
  • A new shelfie. Who can use as many products? And before the use-by date? I would recommend a good little cleanup of skincare and makeup of everything that has been opened and not used enough. For anything that hasn’t been opened, maybe so a little exchange party with your friends? And use all this newfound space to multi-tasks multi-benefits products. You know that for skincare I am going to say Gallinée of course. From the Cleansing Bar to the Face Mask & Scrub, all products have been designed to suit different skin types and bring you a lot of benefits. For makeup, I organise it from left (what I use every day) to right (what I never use). It makes my morning routine a lot faster.
  • A new skin. I noticed that I love my tan when I am on holiday and I hate it as soon as I am back. Skin looks a bit gray, due to the build-up of dead cells. Our Body Milk will ensure a nicer tan for longer, thanks to its high content in lactic acid, perfect for our Back To School Routine. For the face, the Mask & Scrub will give you a smoother, more radiant skin.
  • Learn new things. Read cool books. About the microbiome, gut health and related topics maybe? For books, I am really looking forward to reading the Psychobiotic Revolution. For new things to learn, I want to learn how to make kombucha at home and live vinegar too. After all, every day is a school day!

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