While we were eating brownie to celebrate Elodie’s birthday, something struck us: this Friday we’ll be honest with you (as usual), and reveal what we can find in our closets. Figuratively obviously, because in the literal sense, you will find only brownies and cheese in there.

In Gallinée’s closets, you will find only the most respectful ingredients for bacteria to support the microbiome of your skin.
In Gallinée’s closets, you will find mainly products of natural origin.

For the little metaphor of the day, it’s a bit like eating chocolate during a bad day or eating bananas to fill up with potassium.

In Gallinée’s closets, some elements are prohibited. Not because they are radioactive or aesthetically unacceptable but because they don’t match to our Gallinéan philosophy, and we will explain why.

Of course, in Gallinée’s closets there are no products of animal origin.

But what is of animal origin and how is it created?

Lanolin, for example, is sheep’s sebum. Its other name is “wool grease”. It allows its mammals to protect the soft and beautiful wool that growing their skin. It’s a bit like using the protective fats of our hair as a cosmetic ingredient.

Collagen-one of the origins is animal. It’s a protein that can be extracted from animals’ carcasses or from fish skin.
Don’t touch to my sweet goldfish, it’s not the answer to a skin plumping.

Another way to produce it is through a biotechnological process.
Biotechno-qué? It’s an innovative technology of production that uses bacteria or yeast to make proteins without the use of animals.

We’re not against eating meat. But we were not born with a slice of beefsteak on our face, so we have preferred to use natural ingredients (95%) of vegetable or mineral origin and synthetic ingredients, when necessary, while discarding the products of animal origin.

Oh erlenmeyer, tell me your story!
Synthetic? Syn-the-tic? Syn-the …? Syn …?
Little explanation: mother nature is beautiful and usually gives us the solutions to our questions and needs. However, we must be careful, nature is sometimes dangerous and misleading.
In the forest grows a fungus, phalloid amanita. It is fatal and yet very beautiful and tasty, and totally natural.
For other examples, essential oils should not be used on children under 6 and on pregnant women. But why ?? Because they are ultra-concentrated oils in active molecules that can be toxic at high doses. They may also be involved in the phenomenon of chronic allergy and some are anti-bacterial. #dontouchtomybacterialbuddy

Thanks to chemistry, it’s possible to transform potentially natural toxic molecules into synthetic not toxic molecules.
To put it in a nutshell, for us, the most important is the efficiency of our products, while respecting your safety, logical, isn’t it?

So, what do we really find in Gallinée’s closets?

Regarding prebiotics, we use for example inulin which is extracted from chicory.

Yacon juice is also used, it gives the smell so singular of our moisturising face cream. No perfume has been added to suit the most sensitive skins.
The Yaaaacon? … Yes, for us, it’s like a potato sugar cane. It is a root from South America, turned into syrup for diabetic people because this sugar doesn’t go into the bloodstream.
By chance, our good bacteria love to eat Yacon!
The fish & chips of our bacteria.

For our postbiotic friend, lactic acid is obtained by plants fermentation.

Actually, the Gallinée’s cook first bought her ingredients at the greengrocer, then went to see the fairy of minerals and finally consulted a chemist to solve some security hurdles.

The innovation of our recipes has been to combine different ingredients, used separately for years. So even if we are still all new and innovative, no worries, we are good for your bacteria and especially good for your skin.
Toxicity is out of sight, captain!

Healthy bacteria for healthy skin thanks to products made especially for you by Mrs. Gallinée.

And you, what do you have in your closets?

Elo & Mathilde