Lockdown can be an incredibly stressful time. To deal with it, the Gallinée team decided to treat themselves with some gifts to try and have a “Selfcare lockdown”. We decided to share our gifts with you and to share why we decided to buy them. Maybe it will give you an insight for Christmas gifts for you or your family! We also wanted to share what makes us feel good during these difficult times.

“I discovered slippers very recently, as I usually walk barefoot at home. But I bought extra fluffy ones because it’s like having a little muppet hugging your feet. And confinement calls for any hugs you can get. I also got the water diffuser from Muji, with grapefruit oil because grapefruit rules and the air in my flat can be quite drying, as we only have electrical heating.” –Marie Drago, our founder

“I’ve always wanted to try the science behind weighted blankets, and now is the perfect time to! They are supposed to be great to help you relax and lower your stress level. I want to improve my sleep and overall mental health during this winter lockdown, so I look forward to relaxing under it with a new book. Time away from screens has really helped me during the first lockdown, I want to make a daily habit of it.” –Marie, Brand Manager

“Between working and studying, I spend long hours seated in front of my laptop. My take away from the last lockdown was that doing some yoga/pilates or exercise, in general, helped my overall health and that’s why this lockdown I have decided to invest in a good yoga mat which I have never thought it would make such a difference but it has definitely changed the way I exercise. My favourite Youtube channels to do yoga or exercise are: Madfit (she has apartment-friendly workouts) and Boho Beautiful (yoga and strengths)” –Carla, Finance & HR manager
Gallinée - Lockdown wishlist yoga mat

“It feels like yesterday when my wife and I came back home from the Hospital with our beautiful newborn Leon and the next day Mr Boris Johnson was announcing the 1st Lockdown in the UK – not really how we imagine our maternity/paternity leave. Now a 2nd Lockdown is in place and we all need to do our best to make it as manageable as possible. I wished there was a special device we could get at Amazon to help our baby sleep quick and easy every night……unfortunately there isn’t –  but when our baby is finally asleep, what we love doing during LockDown is enjoying together with my wife a nice dinner with relaxing music, we also love going for a walk (our exercise time) to a park and play with our son.” –Diego, Head of Sales

“Last year was my first English Winter and I’ve suffered a lot from not seeing enough daylight. Yes, night falls at 3 pm… and then there is the confinement. So, I decided to invest in a SAD Lamp to help me support this winter lockdown. Light therapy treats seasonal affective disorder (SAD), boosts mood and energy levels. It also improves sleep and focus. I have used it in the morning for 30min for a few days and I already see an improvement on my energy level. If you have winter blues too, trust me it’s worth it!” –Lucie, International Sales Executive

“For me, lockdown means self-care. I am really enjoying this time alone because that means I can really focus on me – getting some rest, do lots of skincare and haircare, catching up on the Netflix series I had on my list for months (have you seen The Haunting of Bly Manor!? – a gem), calling my friends and family, or taking care of my interior plants. They are my best companions these days! Spending all my days in my room, I decided to make it even cosier: I got myself some nice candles, a cute print for my walls, and one more plant, to extend the jungle I have here!” –Maeva, Logistics Manager
Gallinée - lockdown wishlist interior plants

“The smell of coffee has always been comforting & relaxing for me. It smells like Sunday mornings with my family, a quiet coffee shop, quality alone time… But as a Business student, I always had to move several times a year and never got the chance, nor budget, to invest in a nice coffee machine. Now that I have one, I love starting my day with a nice morning coffee. It puts me in a good mood for the whole day. I also invested in reusable coffee pods, because I care about my footprint as much as I care about my coffee :)” –Typhaine, Trade Marketing Intern
Gallinée - lockdown wishlist coffee machine

“Autumn is a beautiful season to watch from parks but this year it’s all going to be inside! So let’s prepare the cosiest month ever. I decided to invest in proper slippers and a good duvet. I must say the slippers are a “game-changer” that I wasn’t expected! It’s very pleasant when we work from home.” –Sego, Digital Manager
Gallinée - lockdown wishlist slippers

“I always had back issues so after the first lockdown I started working out more regularly and going to the gym every 2 days, which helped me a lot! I was really disappointed when I heard the gyms were closing, and to know I would stay home all day had me really anxious about my back problems. That’s why I decided to invest in a good yoga mat as well as in dumbbells to work out every day: it’s good for the back, it releases endorphins and it reduces stress level (which can really climb up during lockdown). My new best friend for this lockdown is Chloe Ting’s channel! The first lockdown also helped me realise skinny jeans are not that comfortable, so I ordered 2 loungewear sets to be the comfiest while working from home!” –Zoé, Digital Marketing Intern

We hope these could inspire you.
All the Gallinée team wishes you the best.