Two years ago I discovered that all the problems I’ve been dealing with for years and years stopped instantly the moment I stopped eating gluten. That was the best result of a weird diet I was following at the time.

On the bad side, I had to say goodbye to two of my favourite things in life: bread, pasta and cakes.

On the bright side, this is a pretty easy diet to follow, and not being sick anymore is really worth it. Also, London is a great place to be gluten intolerant. Here are my 5 favourite eating places. They tend to be mostly cheap, cheerful and east-based. They are not really geared toward gluten-intolerant people, they just are from cuisines that don’t use wheat. Because gluten-free bread is just meh, sorry.

Mussel Men
I tend to find random occasions to go and celebrate something there. Birthday? Anniversary? First day of fall? Mussel men!

Not a trace of gluten in mussels and french fries. Just close your eyes very hard when they bring you sourdough with smoked butter. I have good friends, who take it on their side of the table and slap my hand when I reach out. Crème brûlée? No gluten neither.

Not my picture, because I never think about taking a picture before digging in. Too good... Not my picture, because I never think about taking a picture before digging in. Too good…

Mussel Men, 584 Kingsland Road, London E8 4AH

Arepa & Co.
I had never tried Venezuelian food before Arepa & Co opened some years ago on the canal. I go there a lot for brunch.
Arepas are little corn-based pittas filled with everything good in life: chicken, cheese, avocado,  beans… I drown everything in the pink avocado sauce which is to die for. And the cocktails are amazing if a bit treacherous. They also sell the Pan corn flour to make your own at home.

Arepa & Co, 58A De Beauvoir Crescent, London N1 5SB

Buckwheat pancakes
I used to go to the south Kensington crêperie way too often. Then management changed and they took off the “galette complete” from the menu. As I only order this (ham, cheese, soft egg, extra back pepper), I am now looking for the new place to get my fix of galette and cider. La petite Bretagne in Hammersmith is really nice but a bit far.
If you come accross the foodstall of Les Deux Amies, their galettes are amazing and Caroline and Adeline are adorable! They are in Winterville at the moment.

Eat Tokyo
Anais having spent three years in Tokyo, she is very intense about her Japanese food. We have basically done every single ramen restaurant in London, and hunted every little mochi and takoyaki hiding in remote corners or London (we love you Japan Centre!)
Eat Tokyo just does really good sushi, and it’s also a perfect place to have a meeting and discuss launching a beauty brand. Any excuse…
Also did you know there are probiotics in miso?

Eat Tokyo has branches in Notting Hill, Holborn and 4 other locations

I don’t know, I just love Leon. Their gluten-free offer massive, they are affordable and it feels very fresh. I have a massive sweet tooth, and ALL their desserts are gluten-free. This is amazing because usually cakes are banned from my life.
If they manage to make their fish fingers wrap gluten-free one day, I’ll just move in there.

Moroccan meatballs forever Moroccan meatballs forever

Leon is a bit everywhere around London.

Et voila, like Raymond Blanc would say.
If you have your own little addresses in London, Paris or the world I would love to know about it!