How to use the Gallinée Soothing Cleansing Cream to rebalance your scalp and treat in depth to space washes?

To rebalance the scalp PH, apply a small amount on the pulp of each finger and spread over the scalp. Massage in circular movements from the back of the neck and working up to the top of the head, leave it for 2min. Then apply the products a second time, working backwards from the top of the head to the neck with the same pausing time. Add water to emulsify and repeat the operation.
If you need to, you can repeat the process but this time without pause time.

It’s time to give your scalp and hair maximum care: what ritual to adopt?

I apply a “Scalp” mask.

Meet the perfect ally for the scalp, The Care Mask! Taking care of your scalp is the best way to ensure healthy and strong hair. It’s important to take care of your Scalp, whether you have itching problems, dandruff or even hair loss. So you can apply the Care Mask in a thin layer. Apply well at the root, on damp or dry hair. Leave on 5 minutes, rinse.  Do not neglect the rinse, it is a very important part of the success of a hair care. To be repeated at least twice a week for a shock treatment, then once a week for routine maintenance of your scalp.

Tips for stressed scalps?

The action of massage, which promotes blood circulation, is an important step, often neglected.
Massage the scalp in a circular motion with your fingertips, from the edges of your implant to the top of your head.
Do not rub, but massage gently, slowly and effectively as you feel the skin “peeling off”.
A feeling of heat will be proof of a reactivation of the blood circulation.—

Brushing Routine

Like any gesture of care, there is a ritual. The famous 100 strokes of the brush morning and evening on dry hair was already the most shared beauty secret of our grandmothers. So we don’t change anything:

  •  25 brushstrokes upside down, brushing from the neck to the forehead.
  • 25 brush strokes with head tilted to the left, brushing from the right ear to the left ear
  • 25 brush strokes with head tilted to the right, brushing from the left ear to the right ear
  • Finally, 25 brush strokes from the forehead to the rear

Focus on the Brosse de Soin Olab Paris

✓ It cleanses the scalp like hair: brush strokes remove dust and pollen. A true ecological gesture, it allows you to space out your shampoos.

✓ It distributes the sebum from the root to the tips. It restores shine and prevents oily roots and dry tips effect.

✓ It strengthens the scalp by activating the blood micro-circulation and facilitating absorption. nutrients.

✓ It adds volume by aerating the hair and avoiding knots. It can penetrate the hair  particularly thick.

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