Gallinée is 5 today and to celebrate, let’s go down memory lane and reminisce over those 5 crazy but incredibly fun years!

To give you some insights into who we are as a brand and as a team, we would like to share with you 5 of Gallinée’s highlights that have made the brand what it is now and that can bring light to our journey behind the scenes.

Here is the little top 5 of the highlights of these roller-coaster 5 years, written by Marie Drago, Gallinée’ founder.

1. 1st of April 2016: The products were still warm from the factory and me and Auriane were presenting them at a big French Pharmacy show. We were taking pharmacy orders, but one pharmacist wanted a product right now and paid in cash. The 10€ note is framed in our office ever since!

2. October 2017: After having a strange drink in a hipster brunch place in London, I got the idea of using the postbiotic power of vinegar in a toner. One year and 2 patents later, we are launching our cult product, which’s been selling like hotcakes ever since.

3. 31st of January 2019: Gallinée wins the Prix D’Excellence de La Beauté Marie Claire, the highest beauty award there is. I get to give a speech on stage in front of the Lauder family and after the CEO of Guerlain and the one of Chanel. He’s proud that his team is 80% women, I make a joke about how our team is also 80% women (4 women, 1 man… Hi Diego) I’m still shaking a bit when I think about it.

4. 2020: This one year got us more mini-heart attacks and moment of joys than any others. It’s been good but exhausting. Gallinée survived lockdown, Brexit, production problems (Our Marketing Manager Marie M is still waking up at night in cold sweats about the Skin&Microbiome), not being able to be together most of the year (thank you Slack). But we also did our biggest year ever, launched extremely cool products, grew the team and had a lot of good times together. But separate, you know what I mean

5. 1st of April 2021: 14 products, a team of 10, more than 20 countries selling Gallinée and quite a few white hair (I’m kidding it was already all white at the start…). I can’t wait to see what the next 5 years will bring, but if they look like the last 5, I’m ok with that!

So we’re raising a glass to that, and also doing 20% off on the whole site with the code happy5.

Gallinée has grown so much over the past years and is looking forward to continuing growing with you all and to keep on bringing some good bacteria and happiness to your skin!

Happy Birthday Gallinée, and cheers to the next 5 years!

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