This week, we are celebrating our birthday!

On Monday, April the 1st, Gallinée reached a new milestone in the world of entrepreneurship and blew out its third candle. In three years many things have happened: the team has grown!

In the Gallinée hall of fame, we find: Yvonne, Anais, Aurianne, Sanaz, Élodie, Mathilde, Shanice, Julia, Romain, Catarina, Taouès, Marjorie.

Today it is Marie, Esther, Diego, Léa, Tallulah and Constance who work from London to make our brand grow.

We thought it would be the perfect time to look back on the highlights of our company. And all the good things are thanks to you.

Let’s start with the beginning and its crazy idea: to add bacteria to cosmetic products rather than remove it! Marie Drago, our founder, created the Gallinée brand in September 2015. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, Gallinée products are put on sale on the first of April 2016. The adventure can begin! Our range is then composed of 5 products. As she represents 100% of the team at the time, it is Marie who, during the entire Easter weekend, take care of sending your orders from our English warehouse. The famous 10€ note for our first order is still attached on the wall of our office. The days go by, the articles in the press keep coming, our sales increase.

In 2017, we appeared for the first time on TV (thanks Télé Matin)! The year went on a positive trend, ending with our first fundraising campaign with Unilever Ventures. The team is expanding and preparing new launches!

2018 is the year of development! Three new products are added to our shelves. Many French pharmacies complete our distribution network. We participate in many shows, TV has become our best friend (Marie is now almost comfortable in front of a camera). During the summer, we are launching into the Philippines, Australia and the United States! Spreading ze French innovation all over the world.

In 2019, the ultimate consecration, we were very proud to announce that we won the Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté Marie Claire. As good news never comes alone, we started at the beginning of the year with Sephora South East Asia as well as in some Marionnaud stores. Early March? A complete capillary range has joined the family. We no longer have one, but three warehouses in the world (remember for 2 years, we sent your parcels from the office, who remembers the little notes writing by hands?).

Finally, we have won dozens of awards, sold thousands of products, millions of bacteria, trained dozens of microbiome fans around the world, met hundreds of customers, traveled to Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Dublin, Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney; given a small name to each plant in our (new) big office, drank a few glasses to celebrate our victories, ate lots of cheese to go with our glasses.

We look forward to sending you an email in a year’s time, to tell you about our future exploits (the entry into the CAC 40, Beyoncé fan of our products, launch of a range of prebiotic drinks, the Gallinée team setting up the markets in Cannes… our imagination has very few limits).

Thank you for being there and to allow us to live a waking dream,

Marie, Esther, Diego, Léa, Tallulah and Constance.