Have you ever wondered where the idea of cushion foundations, peel-off masks or face creams concentrated in probiotics comes from? Do you know how is a cosmetic product created from its concept to its industrialization? Today Lea, our Marketing Manager is in charge of writing this article to reveal the secrets of the beauty industry.

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Brand image

Along with tests, the Product Manager will have to choose a packaging for the formula. It must meet many requirements including: budget : making sure that the final product will have a price consistent with market prices, environmental (Gallinée avoids unnecessary packagings) and hygienic (you will never find a jar at Gallinée, we prefer tubes because the bacteria in our products won’t mix with the bacteria on your hands). Once the support is chosen (a pipette bottle for the serum with recyclable secondary packaging for example) it’s time to write the copy on the packaging. It is most often the properties of the product, its instructions for use and the slogan of the brand (Happy skin needs happy bacteria). Everything is controlled by the regulatory department: it is forbidden to give your products magical powers like “the body milk that makes you lose 10 kgs”. The law is very strict and every marketing claim (like “nourishing and smoothing” on the Body Milk) claim had to be tested (the famous tests we were talking about earlier) and proven. It is also important to mention legal information (avoid contact with the eyes), but also different logos and the address of the brand headquarter.

The final look is created by a graphic designer, there is going to be many many round trips and adjustments between him and the Product Manager before obtaining the final look of the product or the range. Besides, did you know that the colours of the lactic acid molecule on Gallinée products are a little nod to the French flag? (blue, beige/yellow, pink for blue, white, red). Then the design is sent to the factory. There, several print tests on giant printers will be done to choose the colour that is closest to what the designer chose (yes,  from one factory to another, from a printer to the other, the colours never come out the same way and several trials are necessary!).

Soon the launch

Once all these steps have been completed, you have to prepare the product launch! The product will be shot by a photographer, an image library will sometimes be created for social networks. In some companies, the Product Development Marketing Manager also participates in the communication strategy! Press releases are sent to journalists and influencers.

The following? It’s the operational marketing, the digital and the sales that take care of it. They are at the origin of the product launch: in which point of sale, with which merchandising, which strategy SEA and SEO to adopt … the process is just as long and should perhaps be the subject of another blog post! ☺