How do we create a cosmetic product? (Part 1)

How do we create a cosmetic product? (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered where the idea of cushion foundations, peel-off masks or face creams concentrated in probiotics comes from? Do you know how is a cosmetic product created from its concept to its industrialization? Today Lea, our Marketing Manager will reveal the secrets of the beauty industry.

Once upon a time … an idea, or rather an instinct

By working in cosmetics and for a particular brand, one of the missions of the Product Development Marketing Manager is to be on the lookout for the trends of his market. Thus, he is familiar with the innovations that often come from Asia: the smells, the ingredients but also the textures that appeal to customers fond of innovation.
While realizing its marketing plan, in other words, the products he wants to develop for the coming years, the Marketing Manager often starts from an instinct: “protecting your microbiome will be the next concern”. In order to develop the product that will best meet the expectations of customers, he is going to gather scientific evidence, market researches going in the same direction. He will justify his instinct: “an imbalance of the microbiome causes skin problems, to rebalance it, nothing better than a cream formulated with good bacteria.” Once the concept is found “the first moisturizer that rebalances the microbiome of the skin”, it must be materialized. For this, it goes to the laboratory.

Science and Marketing

Thanks to precise specifications, the marketer will do everything in his power to convey his idea in the most detailed way to the lab: what are the key ingredients he wants to find in the formula, its smell: subtle or sustained, flowery or woody, its texture rather jelly or creamy? This is also the time to tell the formulator what are the expected performances of the product: “the serum will have an anti-ageing action thanks to the collagen boosting bacteria”. Once the formula is validated, it will pass tons of test proving its not dangerous but also checking its performance: “+ 103% hydration for the Gallinée Body Milk after 8 hours”.

Learn more about how we build a brand image and the final launch in the next part of our article


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