Let us introduce you to our product/toner/8th world wonder: The Face Vinegar! (You still don’t know it, well… What are you waiting for?!)

So now you are probably wondering: “Another Face product, but how will I integrate it into my already-so-complete skin routine?” Do not panic.

Today, we’ve concocted some tips for you, to show you how to integrate the Face Vinegar into your skin routine and answer the several questions you must be asking yourself.

Why a Vinegar?

So, it is a toner, but it is also much more than that. It contains a cocktail of hibiscus vinegar, known for its astringent and purifying properties, and algae prebiotics that help to calm stressed skin and prevent irritation and redness. It creates a path between what you remove from the surface of your skin when you clean it and what you bring to it later.


Apply your Face Vinegar – which is suitable for all skin types – on a cleansed skin after removing all the bad bacteria. So, after your Foaming Facial Cleanser for normal or sensitive skins, or your Cleansing Bar for dry or atopic skins.

Continue your routine with the Youthful Serum, which enables to nourish, bring radiance and a tense effect, leaving the skin firmer and more toned. Finally, because a skin routine is never complete without a good moisturizer, apply the Hydrating Face Cream, with soothing and protective virtues.


It is very simple. To be used morning and evening, apply on cotton and on your skin well cleaned, avoiding the eyes. 2 minutes more in your routine, but a result twice as brilliant.

Voila, do not hesitate to tell us your own tips for your skincare routine! (And order our Face Vinegar)