On the 8th of March, it is International Women’s Rights Day!

To shed light into this particular day and highlight how important it is to celebrate it, Gallinée’s team has decided to answer three different questions (from the following book: “Women: 24 femmes puissantes se confine- National Geographics”) and share their views on the place of women in society as well as interesting advice and thoughts.

We hope this can be eye-opening and inspiring to anyone reading this, and that this Day will remind you of all the work we have done, but also what we still aspire to achieve in the coming years.

First question: What is the essential thing that needs to change for women in the coming years?

Marie Drago, Gallinée’s founder: I’d love to see more representation of women at high roles and just equal access to opportunities.

Lucie, Sales: More women in high positions (company, government) and that we stop this social pressure on our bodies, on the way we dress, on being a mother… there are so many examples…

Mathilde, Marketing: I think that besides the very obvious gender inequality at the workplace that a lot of women have to still go through, a thing I wish could really change is safety. The #Metoo movement is thankfully moving things around.

Sego, Digital: I’d like to see more political and important jobs proposed to women. Sometimes there is a lack of potential candidates but there is for sure a lack of trust in the society to believe women could perfectly do the job. I believe it’s beneficial for everyone to encourage diversity in powerful jobs.

Marie, Marketing: All those injections to be this or that to be…gone!

Maeva, Logistics: For me, what’s essential for women is their freedom. Freedom to wear what they like, freedom to have kids or not, to have a career or not, have both or neither… Just decide for themselves without being judged and dismissed by society.

Taoues, Digital: The vision the society and men have about women (fragile things, “princesses” who can’t defend themselves etc…) to prevent unpunished harassment, rapes, femicides.

Carla, HR and Finances: For women to have the same opportunities to be in more senior/powerful positions as well as getting equal salary as a man for the same job.

Typhaine, Marketing: Realize that women are as capable as men and that they shouldn’t be shamed for things they don’t have a say in. Also, seeing more women in governments to best represent the population.

Diego, Sales: Equality at the workplace with WOMEN performing senior and high roles same as men, 50%/50%. Stop the patriarchy.

Nathalie, Digital: Women need to be valued more for their abilities, knowledge and skills. I don’t want women to become numbers in order to fill in some sort of quotas. It would be worse to be seen as a number so that companies can claim they are « equal » and « have a certain percentage of women » working for them. Women are smart and qualified for powerful positions, and it would be sad if it would still not be recognized properly.

Second question: What advice would you give to young women today?

Marie Drago, Gallinée’s founder: Ask for advice, contact your role models, team up!

Lucie, Sales: You are free to become what you want to be!

Mathilde, Marketing: Go for it!! Set your own goals, don’t let anyone tell you they’re too hard to achieve.

Sego, Digital: Trust and allow yourself to become who you want to be. Also, knowledge is the key! So, discover and learn about new topics and don’t hesitate to share it with other women of your life (especially on taboo subjects, contraception etc..).

Marie, Marketing: You do you! Find out what you really like & want in life, it might not be what the others want for you or what others want for themselves.

Maeva, Logistics: Just be unapologetically yourself! And don’t lower your expectations and ambitions on account of anyone.

Taoues, Digital: Be yourself, don’t try to fit in and to please everyone (especially men), do what makes you happy

Carla, HR and Finances: that no matter where you are, what your background is, you can still get to where you want to be and, that you always need to set almost an impossible end goal, and then plan your steps to get there to keep you motivated

Typhaine, Marketing: Just go for it if you feel like it’s the right thing for you. There will always be people that don’t like something about you, or your actions so do what makes YOU happy.

Diego, Sales: Never accept a NO as an answer, especially if it’s coming from older generations. Don’t limit yourself, the only barriers in life are those that you put yourself.

Nathalie, Digital: Keep looking around and seek for inspiration from other women in the world and learn from them. Look at all the possibilities. This is what helps me the most to understand that I can do it too and that I shouldn’t be scared to constantly aspire for more.

Last question: Who is the person in life that you admire the most?

Marie Drago, Gallinée’s founder: At the moment I’m reading all about Alexandra David-Neil, who started to be an explorer at age 43, and just massively kicked ass.

Lucie, Sales: Simone Veil (and my mom of course!).

Mathilde, Marketing: My two older sisters. They’ve been a huge inspiration and have taught me to believe in myself and to never underestimate my power.

Sego, Digital: There are many! I generally admire feminists who kept fighting for equal rights because it’s a long & difficult journey against patriarchy. They often put their life at risks for what they believe in to help the next generation. Right now, I have in mind Penelope Bagieu, a French author who helped through her comics to put the light on amazing women with incredible fate forgotten by History.

Marie, Marketing: My friends, they are all amazing women, each in their own specific way and they give me strength every day. And AOC – I wish she was my friend!

Maeva, Logistics: I am not an admirer, I don’t have any role model, but I’d say the women in my life in general! My mom and grandmothers, my friends, my co-workers! I am surrounded by amazing women and they inspire me every day to be my best! PS: I hate the term strong women. Does it mean a woman is weak by nature? Let’s make the women associated with strength!

Taoues, Digital: Edith Piaf.

Carla, HR and Finances: Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO (read her book “Lean In”).

Typhaine, Marketing: I never really thought about that one… I try to take the best in all the amazing women surrounding me in my life.

Diego, Sales: My mother and my wife.

Nathalie, Digital: The first person that came to mind are both my grandmothers. They haven’t had an easy life and have grown up and lived through some very difficult situations, but they are still positive no matter what, supporting me throughout all of my experiences and telling me to not give up.

Reading about everyone’s feelings and ideas was very insightful for our team! Learning more about this topic is never-ending, as we hear about new stories every day.

International Women’s Right Day happens once every 365 days, but we should show support for each and every day of the year. However, on this special day, Gallinée will be giving £1 for each order to Stemettes, a social enterprise supporting Women in Science.

We would love to hear about your stories, thoughts and impressions. Also, don’t hesitate to share what YOU would have answered the questions!

And again, Happy International Women’s Right Day!