Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I studied English and History in New City and I did a master then. While I was studying I worded in Roches pharmacy here and I developed a real skincare interest and awareness.

When I went to France, to Paris, I went to a couple of clinics there and I actually saw how people respected their skin in France, and when I came back to Ireland then I really wanted to teach people in here how to look after their skins.

So this is why you decided to make it your job instead of following your English and History studies?

Exactly, it was a real passion for me to only take in the shop skincare products that actually work and can help people.

Why do you have that in your heart?

It’s actually really funny, this pharmacy is based on a French pharmacy, as you can see there is a lot of French brands. When I went to France I learnt that the government reimburse people if they need special skin treatment, I thought that was just incredible because it is not the case in Ireland. and I can say that 25% of prescriptions coming in are for skin care treatments. But people are really quick to ingest the tablets but they are not looking at why their skin is reacting and it has to be a way to treat the problem externally. A lot of people are on heavy medicine but I think we can avoid those things and do it to a more respectful manner to our skin.

Can you tell us a bit more about Roches Pharmacy ?

This pharmacy has almost been here a 100 year, my boss Patrick bought it 40 years ago, I have been working here for 10 years. It’s based on the French skincare pharmacy, a completely independent pharmacy, we don’t believe in chains or anything like that and we are very much about the customer. When a customer wants something we will order it, we advise them, we do customers appreciations. Our all ethics are the customers.

What are the current skincare trends in Ireland ?

At the minute, a huge thing in skincare is masks. Everyone is multimasking, different ones to treat different things. Pre-serum is also a big thing. People are definitely investing more in their skins. We are a lot influenced by bloggers.

Who is your favourite blogger at the moment?

At the minute, there is great blogger, he is English his name is Wayne Gos. He is hugely into skincare he is always saying that “if your skin is not ready the rest of it cannot work” and I think it’s a really good opinion to have to respect your skin.

What’s your favourite moment of the day?

When I get my first coffee! But also it’s the first sale I make, when I speak to the first client of the day. This is my favourite part of the day.

What’s your favourite place for lunch in Dublin?

There is a little café called Isabella’s. They are famous for their ice-creams. If you need to pick me up at lunch it’s where you go, perfectly balanced lunch: ice cream and a cup of coffee.

What makes you the proudest?

What makes me very proud is that I’ve join 3 degrees on top of my master and my bachelor. And I am very proud I have been able to fund myself and do it on my own and do it while working.

What is your favourite product of the Gallinée range?

The hand cream! It’s a really funny story, I am from a farm, originally my parents are farmers and my hands are always ridiculously dry working in here and I use the hand cream a lot. My dad is also addicted to it. It’s very funny to see him using a very dedicated cream on his hands.