As you’ve probably already understood by now, our main goal at Gallinée is to make a real difference in terms of skincare. We thrive to create products that bring a real benefit to the people who use them, helping them take care of their skin and their little bacteria.

However, we feel that a company cannot claim to offer good products for the skin if it does not also make a real difference to the environment. We do not discriminate, we take care of all bacteria no matter their environment.

That’s why the Gallinée team focuses themselves and tries to improve every day, from the conception to the commercialization, to produce the best products possible, to become an eco-responsible company and more concerned with the environment.

Natural, natural and natural

We do not use mineral oil or silicone, which are often used to give a silky feeling to the skin but can be aggressive and they are not biodegradable.

We also limit the amount of perfume or colourants, because the presence of essential oils in cosmetics can increase the risk of reactions on the skin and we prefer to keep the natural colour of the products.

Gallinée’s enthusiasts will, therefore, understand the rather special smell of gingerbread in our Hydrating Face Cream, due to the high concentration of prebiotics.

Let’s protect our animals

We do not use any ingredients of animal origin and like all European companies since 2005, the products are not tested on animals. As far as I know, we have never seen laboratory rats suffering from acne, so let’s leave them alone.

Objective Plastic-free

As a young company, it is still difficult to completely evolve without plastic since it has a lot of economic benefits, especially for packaging. However, our goal is to minimize its use. Besides, our Cleansing Bar is completely plastic-free, all our packaging are made of recyclable plastic and we avoid as much as possible secondary packaging.

Unlike some cosmetic scrubs, we do not use plastic beads but olive powders that are not polluting to the environment, and even more beneficial to the skin. The plastic microbeads that we can find in many scrubs end up in the water tables and oceans and become very harmful to nature.

In this regard, the team Gallinée went to meet Joanna Ruxton, co-founder of Plastic Oceans Foundation, producer of the film Plastic Ocean, which you can find on Netflix (and we strongly recommend, it is impressive, go and see it!).

On this occasion, we were able to ask her questions about her fight against single-use plastic, her foundation, her beautiful film and especially how we can improve as a company and as an individual for the cause of the environment. Discover Joanna’s interview here, and also do tell us what you’re doing or what you would do to preserve the environment at [email protected] 😊