We are absolutely delighted to present you this exclusive interview of Trish Lomax. She is a manicurist to the stars and this is thanks to her that Jennifer Lawrence (Marie’s best imaginary friend) had the chance to try the Gallinée Hand Cream for the BAFTAs. Discover her secrets for beautiful hands right here.

Gallinée: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where do you come from, and what got you into your job today…

Trish: Im born up North in Merseyside, moved to London with family aged 10 and have lived in London ever since. My introduction to nails was about seven years of age, courtesy of my amazing grandmother Florrie, each week my nails were filed then buffed using her chamois leather buffer (1920’s original which I still have!) until they were gleaming – Shopping with Florrie would usually result more nail polishes to add to my collection – I remember her one not being happy about some colours – I got a black, yellow and orange by Constance Carol – she was NOT impressed at all.

Gallinée: You are a manicurist to the stars, and we are all a bit jealous here. What was your most random/cringe/funny encounter?

Trish: That would be whilst sitting on the floor (in a small space so the distance from my head to the clients knee was only a few inches) mid pedicure start moisturising her legs, so with alternating her feet for me to work one the and her lifting her legs around her bathrobe fell open – like wide open! Due to my position being sat on the floor it was literally there.. “tah dah” (with jazz hands) on show – oh lord!

Gallinée: Do you have 3 tips to take care of your hands? What are your do and don’t? & Do’s & Dont’s?

Trish: Skin, Nails & Cuticles The three things to concentrate on – moisturise a few times a day

  • Skin – keep hand cream in easy reach, apply every few hours so skin is nourished, soft and supple (Galinee La Culture Hand Cream) – in your bag, on your desk, by your bed.
  • Nails – Keep a nail clipper handy to trim nails (i.e keyring, bag – I would not advise the use of small clippers as they tend to bend the nail which can weaken them, the best way it to clip half the nail on one side then move the clipper to the other side – to smooth the free edge I recommend using a Diamancel #1 Fine Flexible Nail File
  • Cuticles – Apply oil daily to the base of the nail and surrounding skin and massage in – this makes nails flexible and encourages cellular renewal. The oil absorbs the best and retains moisture.

Gallinée: What products you can’t do without?

  • Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Hand Recovery – this is THE scrub that smells amazing then cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises the skin – you literally have new hands!
  • Gallinee La Culture Hand Cream – Love La Culture lightweight, fast-absorbing, instantly hydrates, soothes and repairs dry, damaged, sensitive skin even eczema prone! I love it!!
  • CND Rescue RXX – The keratin proteins in this daily treatment bonds to the natural nail restores moisture and repairs damaged nails – thin, weak, cracked, split and peeling and white spots!
  • Dadi Oil – 95% certified organic nail and cuticle oil is made using 21 essential oils smells amazing and absorbs quickly.
  • MavaPen – A felt nib is quick and easy to use hydrated cuticles with Vitamin E and F oils and can gently loosen
    overgrown cuticles from the nail surface a pen is great when you’re on the go.

Gallinée: We’re mostly French in Gallinée, i.e. obsessed with food. What’s your favourite food place in London and why?

Trish: I’m not sure I have a favourite place, cuisine or dish for that matter, I have fads – if you asked me a couple months ago I may Red Pea Soup from Refill Caribbean, it was bordering on obsession – their soup is so good, but that’s on pause for the summer – I’m currently feeling Turkish salad!

Thank you Trish!