If there is one thing bringing the whole Gallinée team together, outside of beauty products, cheese and hard work ethic, it is… ramen.

Anais – because she lived in Tokyo.

Yvonne – because it reminds her of Hong Kong.

Marie – because if she breaks her gluten-free diet, it better has to be for a very good reason.

We love ramen so much we did our first Gallinée Christmas party in a ramen restaurant.

So we thought we’d share with you our ultimate ramen place in London, based on a very exhaustive search. We actually did every single ramen restaurant in London over the last 4 years. We are a single-minded bunch.

As a French-English-HK group, we have a very strict set of criteria:

  • Broth has to be super tasty, but not too greasy
  • The egg (onsen tamago) have to be with a dark orange runny yolk. And you have to be able to order extra
  • The garlic has to be liberally given, extra points for having a garlic dispenser on the table
  • Noodle should be barely cooked and finish cooking in the broth
  • We also need good gyoza while we wait.

And the winner is…

Shoryu ramen.

Their original branch is in Lower Regent Street, but they recently opened one in Ludgate Circus. Not the most charming location, but quite close to our office.

Gyoza are great, the bao bun is amazing and the ramen are everything you can wish for. On a cold wet winter London night, it is pure heaven.

Hot deep broth, firm and filling noodles, really good pork and fresh seasoning.

We always order the same things, like grannies: plum wine, gyoza, bao bun, Dracula ramen (extra garlicky!) + extra egg, mochi.

Close second, but downgraded because you have to queue for so long: Kanada-ya

This post is making me really hungry…

Bonus: Yvonne obession with eggs and japanese food peaked with the Sanrio character Gudetama, the lazy egg. Best watched with no subtitles on YouTube for maximum WTF effect