Happy Microbiome Day

Celebrate with a FREE Mini Foaming Cleanser when purchasing our new Calming Range - the perfect way to complete your microbiome-friendly routine!

Let's take the opportunity to discover the unsuspected benefits our microbiome can bring to our health!

Stress can take its toll on the body so let's take a moment today to be mindful & listen to our body. Taking care of your microbiome also means taking care of your skin, your gut & your brain which can all be affected by stress.

Our founder Dr. Marie Drago is here to take you through some tips for a stress-free routine!

“We always thought that stress was only starting in the brain, but now we understand that it is a whole body phenomenon – everything is holistic! There is an information route between the skin, the brain and the gut that keeps communicating non-stop, and have an influence on each other. We can help this vicious cycle of stress when taking care of our microbiome!

This is why I’ve always wanted to develop a supplement that helps the gut, the brain & the skin together when it’s linked to stress. Calm & Microbiome takes care of stress and its consequences. I’m so proud of this product and I’m taking one every morning!

On top of your Calming Range routine, my stress relief tips involve:
Singing: yes, it stimulates the vagus nerve! Singing for 1 minute (being on tune is not necessary) does help relief stress.
Breathing exercises!
Going on a walk