When you notice that your scalp is itching and flakes of skin are falling from your hair, you instantly think it’s dandruff. This, of course, is a logical explanation. However, the cause of your undesirable symptoms may actually be a dry scalp. 

In many ways, the main symptoms of dandruff and a dry scalp are very similar – itchiness, redness and dry flakes. However, the best way to treat them is entirely different.

Unlike dandruff (which is caused by excess oil), a dry scalp is caused by irritation and under-moisturisation. Here’s a quick run-through of two key ways to identify which one you might have:

  • Flakes – a dry scalp will produce small dry flakes: dandruff, on the other hand, will produce larger yellowy flakes that are a little bit oily.
  • The rest of your body – if there is dry skin on other parts of your body, you’re more likely to have a dry scalp: if the rest of your skin is ‘normal’, dandruff might be your issue.

To treat a dry scalp you need to be using hydrating, replenishing and protective products that are also gentle on your skin. Luckily for you, these are the areas that we are absolutely obsessed with at Gallinée! Why? Because they keep your microbiome healthy.

Quick science lesson: your microbiome is the micro-organism of bacteria on your skin which creates a barrier that protects the deeper layers of skin cells underneath it. 

We believe that taking good care of the microbiome is the most important and underrated area in skincare and will help with most of the common skin problems that people face on a day to day basis, including a dry scalp.

Hydration is the first point of action. 

Dry scalp (as the name suggests) is caused by low levels of moisturisation. Our haircare products contain mafura oil and lactic acids – two of the gentlest and most effective moisturisers that we’re aware of. Even the most sensitive skin will love them!

Next, is replenishment.

The low levels of moisture that your body experiences can often be down to an undernourished microbiome. That’s why we include pre and postbiotics in our products to help to revitalise and replenish the skin’s good bacteria.

Lastly, is protection. 

Once your skin has been rehydrated and renourished, you want to make sure that it can hold this goodness in and keep bad bacteria out. We include vitamin E and fermented rice water to help here – both of these key ingredients have antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Ultimately, a strong and healthy microbiome will help your skin to protect itself and stay in great condition. 

The terrific trio in our haircare range – Soothing Cleansing Cream, Care Mask and Scalp and Hair Serum – will help you to say goodbye to a dry irritated scalp and hello to beautiful, healthy hair!