Further Reading

The science of the Microbiome science fascinating and also changing quite quickly. If you want to learn a little bit more about it, here are some of our favourites

Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ, by Giulia Enders.

A very easy read, that will make you want to take care of your gut and its millions of little inhabitants. And a nice introduction to pro and prebiotics.

I Contain Multitudes, by Ed Yong.

Marie is a tiny bit a fangirl of Ed Yong, and has 2 copies of this book. This book is really life changing in the way you will see the world around you. From corals to mosquitoes to the future of buildings, you will end up thinking microbes rule the world. you would be right, too…

The Diet Myth, by Tim Spector.

The book we keep lending to people and that they keep for themselves. Why are diets not working, does it make any sense to count calories, is cheese the ultimate healthy food (spoiler alert: totally): It redefines what “healthy” means.

Missing Microbes, by Martin Blaser.

The slightly scary one. It explores the “hygiene hypothesis”, or how by getting overclean and trigger happy on antibiotics, we might have created new diseases and do more harm than good.

The Microbook

Created by us and illustrated by the very gifted Kaylene Alder! The world only microbiome-colouring book, available to download, just send us an email here.

Micropia in Amsterdam.

Our favourite museum, the first museum entirely dedicated to microbes. Live microbes on display, a microbe collector card, a real lab inside… We never wanted to leave. The nice touch: It’s part of the Amsterdam Zoo, because it’s for very very small animals.

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