At Gallinée we make products that are safe, gentle and efficient. And we are very proud of this.
How do we know? Well, we follow the very strict European regulation system, and we also do a bunch of extra tests.

We have two versions of the Cleansing Bar. One with a minute amount of perfume, because I’m obsessed with grapefruit and I put it everywhere. This one was tested under dermatologist control on the face and body of volunteers with Sensitive Skin and also Atopy-prone Skin (people who are prone to eczema).

The newest version of the Cleansing Bar is perfume-free. It means that it is still the same amazing product, but it now can be tested on even more sensitive areas, such as the vulva. So we did even more testing, this time under the control of a gynaecologist. And these are the results. They are incredible.

-100% said the product works well for intimate hygiene.
-100% said it was leaving the skin clean.
-100% said it was leaving them feeling well all day, without discomfort or dryness.
-95% said the formula was ultra-gentle and non-irritant.
-95% said it was softening and helping to fight bad smells long term.
-95% said it was soothing the intimate area immediately and durably.
-95% said they were feeling protected all day and sure of their intimate area.
-95% of people tested are satisfied with this product and would buy it regardless of its price.
-86% said it was boosting their confidence.

This little square product is truly the best non-soap soap we know!

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