During our last photoshoot, we interviewed our models, Taoues tells you her story with Gallinée:

“My name is Taoues I am 22 years old and I worked for Gallinée one year ago during my gap year, I did a 6 months internship as International Account Manager.

I learned a lot of things that Marie typically taught me about bacteria, that the skin has its own microbiome, I find it very interesting. I also liked the small business side, the fun side, the hyper-professional side. I really liked the fact that you can apply products that have bacteria inside them, food for the bacteria and therefore prebiotics and also postbiotics.

About my school background, I had my science baccalaureate (equivalent A-level), then I did two years of preparatory classes in Paris and I joined Kedge Business School in Bordeaux. I’m currently doing a Master’s degree in Marketing. I do a lot of arts, I’m a dancer, I’ve been giving Hip-Hop classes for three years, I also play the saxophone, I’m part of Kedge fanfare, I’ve been a cheerleader and I’ve taken part in a lot of Kedge’s events such as the musical or the Ecricome challenge, an inter-school sports competition.

“My favorite Gallinée’s products are the Foaming Facial Cleanser which I use daily as a make-up remover and the Body Milk because it helped to cure my eczema on my body.”


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Body Milk_Gallinée_white_angle on white background and shadows. Product with prebiotics and probiotics.