Meet Gallinée

Meet Gallinée

We believe that a healthy microbiome = happy skin.
We help everyone get their best skin back.
We are 100% Made in France.
We are happy nerds.
Nice to meet you!

Gallinée Microbiome Skincare Commitments

The key to healthy skin? Its good bacteria .

We are the first beauty brand to care for your microbiome, from head to toe.
The results? Strong, glowy & rebalanced skin all around!

To find out more about the brand and our commitments, see below!

Our commitments
About Dr Marie Drago – Meet our Founder

About Dr Marie Drago – Meet our Founder

Gallinée Timeline

Gallinée Timeline

What’s so special about us

What’s so special about us

Gallinée Brand Manifesto

Gallinée Brand Manifesto

What is the microbiome?
By Gallinée

what is the microbiome?
Gallinée Microbiome is proven by SkinLab to be Microbiome Friendly

Extensively tested on skin microbiome lab models

Our formulas have been submitted to the strictest, most thorough & innovative clinical testing method available.

The results? A comprehensive range of scientifically proven products that support your microbiome.

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Learn more about skincare science, try new healthy recipes, find new tips & tricks and keep up with Gallinée’s latest innovations

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