Are the products tested on animals?

No. As all products launched in the European Union since 2005, our products have never been tested on animals.

Are the products vegan?

We have no products of animal origin in any of our products.

Where are the product made?

All our products are manufactured in France, in a beautiful factory in Brittany.

Are the bacteria in the product still alive?

No, they have been gently deactivated by heat. We are interested by the effect of their cell contents on the skin, and for this they don’t need to be alive. So we have a normal shelf life, and no need to keep the product in the fridge.

What’s your favourite bacteria?

Tough question, vast subject. In Gallinée products we use L. acidophilus and L. casei so it’s a tie between these two. We also like Wolfbachia because it’s super cool (look it up), we admire a lot all the extremophiles bacteria that live in volcanoes, glaciers, salt lakes or deep sea vents. And we are grateful to cyanobacteria for bringing oxygen to earth. And we would like to thank especially the team of propionobacteria responsible for the taste Comté, Marie’s favourite cheese.

I live in this great place, where can I find the products?

For the moment you can find us in stores in the UK, France, Ireland Spain and Estonia. We deliver to Europe and US from our website. For anywhere else, we would recommend to visit our partner and

Are your products natural?

We think that supporting your bacterial system is the most natural thing you can do. In addition our products ingredients are more than 90% from natural origin.

I have another question

We love questions! Please leave us a message:

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