Press Coverage

"I’m using a brand called Gallinée and I love rosehip oil"

Marie Claire - July 2018

“We were the first company in Europe to put bacteria in a positive light!”

Happi - July 2018

"Dry hands don’t stand a chance with cool-brand-to-know Gallinee’s Hand Cream"

Sheerluxe - July 2018

"Restore your complexion when applying the Gallinée Youthful Serum"

Blonde Male - July 2018

"Probiotics In Skincare: What Are They And How Do They Work?"

ELLE - July 2018

" How-to’s behind the production of soap, an example of transparency becoming the order of the day for indie brands."

Beauty Independent - July 2018

"Cleansing Bars - The 'No Soap Soaps' that are raising the bar"

Get the Gloss - July 2018

"A super simple concept and one that the skincare industry is talking about more and more, as it makes a lot of sense for skin health."

Clean Beauty Co - June 2018

"The products that are making me feel like a french supermodel…"

What Kate Did Next - June 2018

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