Press Coverage

"Making soap sexy again, this innocent looking bar actually contains a cocktail of lovely things like prebiotics and lactic acid to cleanse and soothe skin."

Glamour Magazine - June 2018

"Gallinée is a new-to-me brand and so far I’m in love, the branding is on point and the products really work."

Break The Loop - June 2018

"A brand with a mission to take care of your skin and its bacterial ecosystem."

Mixed Gems - June 2018

“I have been using the Gallinee moisturiser now for around two weeks and already I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin tone and how healthy my skin is looking."

Orchard Barn - June 2018

"Youthful Serum and Cleansing Bar are the latest additions to the Gallinée probiotic skin and bodycare range."

Natural Products - June 2018

"It is ideal for anti-ageing, for congested skin and for hydration."

BEAUT. - June 2018

"Gallinee and Biofresh Yoghurt of Bulgaria are both full probiotic skincare ranges that I personally adore"

indulgeme - june 2018

"this gentle option contains good bacteria to nourish skin, as well as lactic acid, which gently exfoliates to keep it looking smooth and healthy."

Byrdie - June 2018

"It has absolutely no greasy feeling whatsoever, and also works as a restorative foot cream."

Marie Claire - June 2018