A few months ago, my answer would have been : Yes.

You’ve probably been hearing about personalised skincare as a big trend in beauty. But it never really delivered until now. Why? Two main reasons for me:

  • It’s really hard to make a truly personalised product at an industrial scale. You have to be able to plan an infinite combination of possible ingredients, register them, manufacture them and keep them nice and stable for years, all of that for a couple of units. The best you can have is a few combinations, or the marketing illusion of tailoring. The harsh cold reality is: unless it’s made in a pharmacy on the spot, it’s probably not really tailored to you.
  • Because you’re unique! That’s my second gripe with personalised skincare. How do you define what you really need? If it’s just a questionnaire, you’re probably going to be asked your age, where you live (for pollution levels and UV) and your skin type. It’s a good base, but we can go so much more deeper. Plus it’s not really telling you anything you don’t already know. Do better, beauty industry!

I think with our Skin Health Kit is truly the first step towards proper personalised skincare. As usual at Gallinée, we looked at the problem in a very new light.

  • First, a proper diagnostic. A questionnaire of course, to cover the base and the environment of your skin. But then, a deep look at what’s really happening on your skin. Like, deeeeeeep. Microbiome-level. It doesn’t get more detailed than that. For the first time, you’ll be able to discover all the ways your skin is really unique, and why it deserves a special treatment.
  • Then, we do put together what your good bacteria like as ingredient we find the ingredients that would match with your good bacteria. For that we use the database of knowledge from Sequential, which can tell us precisely what ingredients the bacterium likes and doesn’t like. And we get to pick which bacterium we want to feed or not.
  • Then we cross reference with the ingredient list of our products and are able to really recommend you a skincare routine perfect for YOU.

See? The industry was getting it wrong the whole time, it’s not so much about having a lot of different formulas, it’s all about finding what your skin really wants and supplying just that.

Et voila!