Opening Night – 09/12

Join us to the special launch of our Pop up, meet the Gallinée team, you can shop our full range with exclusive offers, get your hands on our limited edition sets and even build your own happy bacteria set.
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Your special 1 to 1 session to chat about beauty routines + the wonderful world of the microbiome

The perfect occasion for a personal chat about your beauty routine and your microbiome with a tone of tips!
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How to make your beauty routine sustainable? – 10/12

What products to adopt, which one to cut out? Clean beauty, sustainable beauty, natural beauty, reductionist beauty: how can we enjoy cosmetic products without costing the Earth? Exclusive talk with Florence Roghe, who has developed world-class products and brands with eco credentials. An informative talk full of tips… and optimism!
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French pharmacy beauty 101 with Dr Marine Vincent – 11/12

Do you know your Biafine from your Hydrabio? Why are French girls obsessed with Embryolisse? Why do French babies smell so nice? Dr Marine Vincent has all the answers and will help us navigate the maze of confusing names and minimalist routines. Come and discover all the secrets of shopping in French pharmacies!
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The lowdown on Eczema with Dr Marine Vincent – 12/12

The incidence if Eczema is rising in modern societies, and touch more children and adult every year. Where does it come from, can we prevent it and what are the best ways to manage it? Dr Marine Vincent will explain more about this common disease that is still imperfectly understood, and the new advances in treatments.
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MICROBIOME, Caring for your bacteria for a healthier, happier you.

The microbiome is the biggest discovery in health – In this talk from Dr Marie Drago, learn how to take care of your bacterial ecosystem.
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Sisterhood Entrepreneurs – A conversation with Estée Lalonde.

Always wanted to create your beauty brand? Have a secret project to change the world? Would like to ask for help but don’t know where to start? Come and listen to top influencer and self-made woman Estée Lalonde discuss all things entrepreneurial with Marie Drago, the founder of Gallinée.

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