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Wash Less, Treat More

Soothing, purifying and nourishing. The new Gallinée Care Mask for Hair & Scalp leaves hair looking healthier for longer and rebalances the scalp and its microbiome.


At the forefront of cosmetic innovation, Gallinée is launching the first prebiotic range to gently care for hair and balance your scalp’s microbiome.

Traditional shampoos and conditioners may make you wash your hair more often due to the increased sebum production caused by ingredients such as traditional surfactants and sulphates. The scalp’s microbiome plays a crucial role in the regulation of sebum when unbalanced it can lead to itchiness, dandruff and even hair loss.

So, it makes sense to take care of it. Leaving hair looking healthier for longer, this creamy mask melts into hair fibres, smoothing them away without weighing it down.
Enriched with fermented rice water and our pre and postbiotic complex to support your scalp's microbiome. Sulfate-free and dermatologically tested. Suits all scalp types, even oily ones.


Marie’s word, founder of Gallinée:

“I love this mask as it feels deceptively light, but really works great on nourishing your hair and soothing your scalp. My proud point: the clinical data showing that the more you use it, the less you need to wash your hair!”

Key Ingredients

LACTIC ACID: The gentlest of AHA. The lactic acid helps the skin to stay at its optimal pH level and has hydrating and softening properties. Gallinée uses a slow-release form to suit even sensitive skin. PREBIOTICS: A mix of ultra-gentle fibres and sugars that feed your skin’s good bacteria and help support the skin’s barrier, with an antibacterial action against bad ones FERMENTED RICE WATER: Rice water has been traditionally used as facial and hair wash for centuries by Asian women to improve skin complexion and hair condition. Nutritious rice water fermented by Saccharomyces is a favourable ingredient known to keep healthy and shiny hair. MAFURA OIL: Known for its soothing properties, this oil is claimed to help moisturize deeply. Its revitalizing properties are very interesting for protective products.. It is particularly suitable for delicate scalp. PANTHENOL: Also called provitamin B5, panthenol soothes delicate scalps and helps thicken hair. It is also known to prevent hair damage make it stringer, shinier and easier to comb without greasing or weighing it down. PHYSIOLOGICAL PH: All Gallinée products are made to match the optimal pH of the scalp and the microbiome. WITHOUT: Doesn’t contain sulphates, soap, colourants, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, microbeads, phenoxyethanol or methylisothiazolinone.


Result: Leaving hair healthier for longer, this creamy mask melts into hair fibers without weighing them down while soothing and nourishing your scalp.

Results of tests
Hair is nourished: 100% agree
The product does not weigh down hair: 95% agree
Hair is shiny: 95% agree
Scalp and hair are purified: 86% agree
The scalp is soothed: 91% agree
Scalp and hair are protected from external aggressions, they are strengthened: 86% agree
*Tested on 22 people reporting normal to oily scalp and hair


Test Results: Hair is nourished: 100% agreed Product does not weight hair down: 95% agreed Hair is shiny: 95% agreed Scalp and hair are purified: 86% agreed Scalp is soothed: 91% agreed Scalp and hair are protected from external aggressions, they are strengthened: 86% agreed *Tested on 22 persons claiming to have normal to oily scalp and hair

Customer reviews

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  1. Roby (verified owner)

    This mask makes hair really soft and smooth. My scalp also felt less greasy and itchy than usual after having used it just once. I will definitely continue to use it from now on!

  2. Sophie (verified owner)

    After using this just once my scalp felt less itch and my hair soft.Its fantastic.

  3. Marion

    Enfin un vrai masque pour cheveu !!! Merci gallinee!

  4. Victoria Worthington

    The difference Care Mask made to my scalp and hair from the first use has been amazing. My scalp feels fresher, there’s no itch by the end of the day, which makes me wonder about what is in the products I’ve been using! The amount of sebum produced on my scalp has reduced dramatically, and my skin feels great.
    Along with waking up to hair that still looks and feels clean, it feels nourished and soft, I can tell my hair is much healthier. I highly recommend the Care Mask.

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