The Caring Set


 | 50mL x2 – 100g

Beautiful skin for a relaxed winter

Regain a healthy and soothed skin with our Caring Set, full of good bacteria!
With its tri-biotic complex, the Hand Cream soothes, moisturizes and repairs.
The Cleansing Bar, formulated with prebiotics and lactic acid, cleans, soothes and nourishes your skin.

What makes it unique?
  • A soap-free Cleansing Bar
  • A  non-greasy nourishing hand cream
  • A pouch made of EVA plastic, less toxic plastic

The Hand Cream 50mL x2

The wonder hand repair cream. Repairing, nourishing but still non-sticky or non-greasy, it repairs the skin barrier and helps support the damaged skin microbiome.
Probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics protect your hands after washing them.

The Cleansing Bar 100g

The Cleansing Bar is formulated at pH 5.8, respecting your skin’s natural pH levels.
Non-stripping and ultra-gentle, this dermatological bar can be used on face and body. It leaves them soft, soothed and fresh.

Take care of your microbiome and it will take care of you!

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