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Nourishing Duo


Feed your skin

A repairing and a nourishing cocktail of pre, pro & postbiotics.
A few drops of Face Oil before your Hydrating Face Cream, or directly mixed with it – the results? A stronger, soothed and nourished skin.

What makes it unique?
  • Save £10/$14 on your routine
  • Mix & match: use them mixed together or layered (Prebiotic Oil first!)
  • Light textures, deep nourishment
  • Ultra-concentrated formulas: a little goes a long way

The Prebiotic Face Oil 30mL – NEW

Nourished, soothes & brightens all skin, even the most sensitive ones. Scientifically proven to support your microbiome with its unique blend of prebiotics & postbiotics lipids, squalane, jojoba and oat oils.


The Hydrating Face Cream 30mL

Hydrates, tones, and leaves skin looking luminous. Helps support your skin’s good bacteria, evening out the complexion, while nourishing and protecting your skin. Suitable for sensitive & atopy-prone skin.

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Frequent questions answered by our founder and Doctor of Pharmacy.

Marie Drago

Marie Drago

How should I use the Face Oil?

2 ways to use it :

  • On its own to nourish your skin
  • Mixed with your Hydrating Face Cream as a booster

It’s yours to mix and match within your routine!

What does it smell like?

We don’t add any perfume to this product in order to keep it as gentle as possible, but our Hydrating Face Cream is highly concentrated in natural active ingredients, especially in prebiotics and they smell a bit like… gingerbread! But the smell is only very short-lived, so don’t worry about anyone noticing when you’re out and about!
The Face Oil is quite faint but somewhere between hazelnut and volcano, You tell us! 

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