Introducing Mood Microbes

What exactly are psychobiotics, you ask?

Well, they’re a fascinating subset within the probiotic family. These bacteria offer mental health benefits to their host by positively influencing mood and cognitive function.
Originating predominantly from the lactobacilli species, these microbes have been cherished for millennia and revered for their digestive benefits. Now, they are increasingly recognized for their impact on mental well-being.

The term “psychobiotics” was coined by Professor John F. Cryan of Cork University only a few short years ago. His team has been delving into this field for over 15 years, unraveling the intricate connection between gut health and mental health.

Do they actually work? Yes, indeed! While it’s still early days, promising clinical trials have showcased their efficacy in alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety, and even stress-related disorders. These studies herald a new frontier in mental health treatment, offering hope to millions worldwide.

What is their mechanism of action? Psychobiotics operate through the gut-brain axis: a complex communication system linking the gastrointestinal tract with the central nervous system. They produce bioactive compounds and signals that travel from your gut to your brain via the vagus nerve, influencing neurotransmitter production and immune responses along the way.

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