• Who are you and how does it come you know so much about eczema?

I am Marine Vincent, I am a French Doctor in Pharmacy and founder of Make Me
Feel and The French Pharmacy.
I always have passion about dermatology and my special interest is (good!) skincare.

  • Do you see a change in people skin lately? Why suddenly everyone has sensitive skin?

Yes, with the lockdown, I have seen a huge rise in dry skin and eczema concerns.
In general, in big cities, the water is very hard (meaning it contains a lot of minerals)
which can create dehydration.
Abut on top of this, currently with the covid-19 crisis, there are different factors which
can create what we have called “lockdown” skin.
The main reasons are stress, dehydration, change in water and imbalance diets.

  • Is there something else than skincare that we can do to help?

Oui! I personally, strongly believe in interconnections between mind and body.
So healthy habits, trying to reduce the stress level, sleep more (then therefore the
cortisol levels creating dryness of the skin), healthy diet (privilege food rich in
omegas such fat fish and probiotics) can definitively help.
Also avoiding bath or shower in too hot water.

  • What should we look in skincare ingredient to soothe skin?

You need to privilege ingredients which will help to restore the natural hydrolipidic
barrier of the skin. See it like cement between the cells of the skin. Shea butter,
almond oil, squalane, madecassosid… are great examples.
You also must use skincare which respect the pH of the skin which is 5.5.
And the latest researches have shown that a healthy skin microbiome is playing a
huge role in protection so ingredients respecting this precious microbiome are
essential. (some sugars such as maltotrexin, or OLIGOSACCHARIDE)

Preserving your skin microbiome is preserving your natural skin balance.

  • What should be a sensitive skin routine. Less is more?

Of course. If you have sensitive skin, it will be best to keep you routine simple with a
minimum of steps and ingredients: double clean, moisturize and protect with a spf.
Every two days you can also use a soothing mask.
The goal is to avoid irritant which can trigger the inflammation.

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