They’re so cute! And pink! And taking half the space on your counter.

  • So, should you invest in a beauty fridge?

Honestly, I don’t really see the point of it. Sometimes the beauty industry is more about creating new needs than solving current problems. I would say this is one of these times.

  • Will a skincare fridge make your skincare more efficient?

Not really, when we formulate skincare products we take in account how stable the actives are at room temperature, so unless you live in a country where it’s going to be 40 degrees indoor, it won’t really help.

  • Will it make your skincare last longer?

Possibly, if we’re talking about the period after opening. You know, the little symbol with an open pot at the back of your pack. But my view is, if you still haven’t finished the product 6 months after opening it, are you sure an extra 3 months will make a difference?

  • Will it feel nice in your skin ?
Yes it will, that’s a good point. A nice cooling sensation if you feel a bit inflammed is just the best. But in that case why not put your cream in a regular fridge? That’s definitely the more eco-friendly and budget friendly solution.

Sorry but this one is a pass for us. Maybe recycle it to keep your kombucha inside?