Gallinée Skin Care

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is often the result of inflammation, as well as having too much bad bacteria and not enough of the good. Rebuild your skin barrier with probiotics to lower your immune response.

Foaming Facial Cleanser

Step 1 Cleanse

Soap free and ultra-gentle, the Foaming Facial Cleanser reduces redness, evens out the complexion. Prebiotics nourish your good bacteria fighting against inflammations and have an anti-bacterial action against bad bacteria. Brings comfort to skin leaving it clean, nourished and soft. Use once a day.

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Youthful Serum

Step 2 Help rebuild your skin’s barrier

Without perfume, colourants, mineral oil or essential oil, the Gallinée serum leaves your skin feeling nourished and radiant, with a youthful glow. Highly concentrated in actives, it helps stimulate cell renewal and rebuild your skin's barrier, thanks to a cocktail of innovative bacteria. Apply morning or evening on clean skin.

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Hydrating Face Cream

Step 3 Moisturise and soothe

Fragrance-free and highly concentrated with a patented complex of probiotics, prebiotics and lactic acid.Probiotics have an anti-inflammatory action on redness, lactic acid is skin-smoothing and deeply nourishing. The Hydrating Face Cream soothes dry patch, rebuilds the skin barrier and brings the right hydration balance to skin. Skin is left hydrated, soft and protected against external aggressors such as the weather or pollution. Use once a day.

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