We cannot recommend enough the latest report of Raconteur in this week Times.
Sharon Thiruchelvam is talking about Microbiome, Bacteria, Ed Yong and Gallinée. It’s like all our favourite subjects wrapped into one.

Our favourite quotes:

“A modern obsession with cleanliness may not be serving our skin well and probiotics research could turn the beauty industry upside down “

“The common doctrine was to decimate bacteria or at least inhibit their growth. We had an antiquated idea that all bacteria are bad, but we are coming to realise that some protect us in differing ways improving hydration by helping the skin produce lipids and ceramides, creating antimicrobial peptides that act like missiles poking holes in bad bacteria and fungi, and calming redness and inflammation.”

and because we love a good challenge:

“The conceptual shift from ingredient-focused beauty to ecosystem beauty will pose a major challenge for most brands. Dr Drago adds: “Marketing departments will view probiotics as just another ingredient to put on the skin. They don’t see the skin as alive.””

The full report is available here and we cannot recommend it enough!