The eye microbiome might be small, but it is mighty. Impress your friends and family with your knowledge of the biological niche.

  • There is an eye microbiome, and it’s new news! We always thought the eye was sterile, and that any bacteria setting a foot in the eye would be washed away by the tear flow and the antibacterial actives from the eye. We now know better: we have resident bacteria in the eye that help your body prevent infections and eye problems, raising the alarm as soon as they see invaders. Hurray for eye bacteria!
  • If you’re wearing contact lenses, it’s likely you will get more eye infections or sensitivity around the eye area? Why? Because every time you put your finger inside your eye, you’re transferring skin microbes to the eye, and changing your microbiome.
  • More and more people get sensitive skin around the eye, redness and even eczema. One reason seems to be the products we use around that area, especially makeup and skincare. It’s part of the rise of sensitivity that is observed around the world
  • Tips for fewer irritations? Avoid products with perfume or too much preservative, and don’t use your mascara longer than recommended (check the little open pot symbol on the product). Yes, I know slightly dry mascara is better to apply, but it might be full of unwanted life. Also use skincare specific to the eye contour, with loads of prebiotics inside.
  • The eye itself is a little microbial planet: different bacteria live on the eye surface, on the eyelid or on the eyelashes. And this planet is just being explored. There is still so much to learn.

Marie, founder of Gallinée

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