You’re brave so put bacteria on your face: not even scared (good thing you’ll love it)


You are a nature lover and it’s a good thing because pollution affects your good bacteria (if you’re too low on budget, you can also choose a plant.)


Marie loves to apply our Serum with this. A gift made for those who like to try new things!


You are as generous as our Body Milk, no doubt it will be the perfect match between you two.


They say Lions are proud… Our Cleansing Bar is too! And he can, given the many awards he has received (we are sure that you also have excellent reasons!)


You like simplicity: the Hand Cream is made for you! As fast to penetrate as it is effective over time, it will satisfy you at Christmas and all year round.


Your legendary curiosity will be satisfied with the discovery of this probiotic-rich drink!


A bottle of water: YES you are a party person, don’t lie to us, so let’s counterbalance the effects of alcohol at Christmas and opt for 2L of water, probably the cheapest gift on your list.


No one can resist you, like our Youthful Serum, which will keep your skin looking radiant over the years.


Capricorns are faithful and that’s good because trying our Foaming Cleanser is adopting it!


This year it will be… original! An unexpected gift that will take care of your intestinal microbiome and that will be as eccentric as you are.


A book on microbiome, because we know that you like being an expert in all areas.

All the Gallinée team wishes you a Merry Christmas 🎄