Co-star of our new eye cream, this organic alga extract from French biotech is an extremely efficient multitasker.
It clears out heme, the black pigment responsible for dark circles.
And also acts on fines lines, visibly reducing wrinkles in just a week!

So what is focus vesiculosus anyway?
Well, you might know it by one of its cooler stage names: bladderwrack, black tang, rockweed, bladder focus, sea oak, cut weed, dyers fucus, red fucus, and rock wrack. It’s a large brown alga, and it loves the shores of northern Europe. And it’s covered in cool little air bladders.

Fun fact, it was the first source of iodine. It is also sold as a food supplement. And some cool people are using it to create the best actives in beauty.

This one is particular has the property of increasing the removal of heme. And heme is the red pigment seeping out of the tiny vessels under your eyes, creating dark circles.
It also strengthens the vessels and helps with making the skin around the eye smoother. Brown alga with weird names for the win!

Marie, founder of Gallinée

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