Only 18 days before Christmas! I don’t know about you, but at Gallinée the excitement is starting to rise more than ever. The tree is ordered, the garlands ready to be put and the advent calendar very well started (Please tell us that we are not the only ones eating half the chocolates before December 15).

This week, the Gallinée team decided to make its own Christmas gift list. And that’s where we discovered that we are all different: Marie is a total nerd (we kinda knew that), Esther is our sustainability advocate, Diego is the Gallinée globe-trotter, Léa the cocooning specialist, Taoues our artist in residence and Marjorie the tech addict.

If it’s remind you of someone, look below for a bit of inspiration

Marie’s nerdy list :

The Revolution of Psychobiotics, the book because everyone talks about it and I haven’t had time to get it yet.

– A smartphone microscope because there is nothing more fun than to watch your pores x100.

Dry ice because it makes cocktail parties at home really cool.

The tree of life necklace from @relicthejeweller, because evolution rocks.

– And of course Dans la combi de Thomas Pesquet, the comic book that makes me want to become an astronaut. Which I don’t think will happen because I get motion sickness just by looking at a boat…

And my little nephew is going to get the flu from giant microbes because it looks so cute, just like him.

All wrapped in our bacteria gift paper please.

Diego’s travel list :

  • Travel Book Guide for my next adventure, typically from Stanfords
  • 📷 to send pictures to the team and make them jealous
  • Comfortable walking shoes that also look cool, I love these ones from Tom Shoes
  • Prepaid Card to avoid exchange fees abroad. At the moment I am using both Transferwise and Revolut.
  • A Small Backpack
    Ohhhh, I forgot something that I really missed here at the desert last week : A good hand cream and body lotion… Seriously. That’s definitely top 5!

Léa’s cocooning list :

  • A Kitchenaid to make cookies all winter long, and looking good doing it.
  • But for smaller budgets, I have dreams of a balance of precision for ingredients like salt, pectin and al. because pastry is an art of precision (#bakeryisscience)
  • A large plaid to stay warm while the cookies get ready.
  • A hot chocolate kit for the cookies not to feel alone.
  • A garland so that I can admire my achievement in a flattering light.

Taoues’ artistic list :

Nike Air Max 97 UI Gold Pink to dance all night long. And for the style.
– New reeds for my saxophone.
– A good yet portable speaker.
– An external hard drive to stock all my musics, films, videos…
– Plane tickets to Los Angeles to go to the best dance room of the world, the Millénium (and to promote Gallinée obviously).

Esther’s environmental list :

  • Small bottle to carry everywhere with me to replace plastic bottles.
  • To replace polluting plastic and aluminium bags, this small reusable beeswax bag.
  • For healthy homemade lunches, out of the house, the best lunch box!
  • To ban single-use bleached cotton pads forever, the reusable kit from “Nature et découverte”, a little wonder.
  • For a tote bag that really suits me, ciao plastic bag, i don’t miss you at all!

Marjorie’s high tech list :

  • A go pro, small and practical, to immortalize my memories when I go to Brazil. Gift that will delight all the fans of editing (like me).
  • An instant camera, with a retro/Instagram effect, for a super nice bedroom decor.
  • A polaroid zip, still in the photo category but more convenient, the polaroid zip, to print photos instantly from your smartphone.
  • A portable projector, for those who dream of a movie theatre in the blink of an eye in his living room (or in your room under a plaid).
  • A graphics tablet: The Slate, with a sheet and a real pencil, it instantly transcribes the drawings on the screen. A jewel of technology.