Cold weather can cause havoc in terms of dry and damaged skin if you don’t protect yourself properly, whether you have sensitive skin or not. Thankfully, we have some top tips for sensitive skin to help maintain and rebuild your vital skin barriers ready for the winter skincare regime.

Keep Hydrated

While the weather outside can be frightful, the heating on the inside can also be detrimental for drying out your skin. Dehydration is when there is a lack of water in the stratum corneum – the outermost layer of the epidermis. Your skin keeps water inside of your body, so when it is dry or cold, water evaporates off the surface faster, resulting in red cracked lips as well as rough and flaky skin, or even more sensitive skin outbreaks.

Gallinée Body Milk deeply hydrates and nourishes the body, for softer, smoother, more supple skin. It feeds your sensitive skin with a cocktail of firming bogbean and nourishing sweet almond oil, combined with a patented Triple Biotic Complex of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to help support your skin’s microbiome in the most gentle and effective way possible.

Shield your skin

In blustery weather, you need to protect yourself from harsh conditions and that means adding a little something to your skin to act as another protective barrier. Our Hydrating Face Cream hydrates, tones, and leaves sensitive skin and all other skin types looking luminous while nourishing and protecting your skin. Top tip: We also sell hand cream that leaves hands feeling soft, supple and protected from external aggressors. Wonderful for keeping those mitts healthy too.

Examine before you Exfoliate

The need for exfoliation can be different for every person and ultimately you need to keep an eye on your own skin and determine whether exfoliation is required.

The harsh weather compromises your skin barrier and this is where issues can arise with exfoliation. If your skin is very dry, don’t risk it but if you know your skin can handle it, we’d recommend exfoliating once a week over the Winter months. This will help to speed up the skin’s regeneration and allow better penetration of your moisturizer. Our Face Mask and Scrub is the perfect gentle solution that helps to smooth sensitive skin and includes prebiotics to nourish your skin’s protective ecosystem. Just check the ingredients and you’ll see what we mean.

Get The Glow With Acids

Sometimes in the winter, our skin can look lacklustre or dull and certain ingredients can help to bring the glow back. We incorporate lactic acid into our products a lot and this helps the skin to stay at its optimal pH level as well as introducing hydrating and softening properties. Gallinée uses a slow-release form to suit even sensitive skin, perfect for those colder months.

Boost Skin with Omega-3

Boost your Omega-3 levels by thinking more about your diet or with an Omega-3 nutritional supplement to help target skin dryness from within. The skin’s barrier is made up of many types of fats (lipids) including phospholipids, cholesterol and free fatty acids. When the skin doesn’t have enough of these fats, then essential water can be lost through the barrier, causing skin dehydration. Give these fats a boost by indulging in Oily fish, nuts and leafy green vegetables which are high in fatty acids and protein to help stimulate the production of healthy skin.